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USDi Network Engineer/Architect, Pentagon

Job Type Network Engineer
Job Title USDi Network Engineer/Architect
Location Pentagon


Job Requirements:

  • Experience leading a geographically separated team of engineers and program managers
  • Lead Block 4 Network Operations efforts across the AISR DT program and coordinate with Program Offices and gaining units to deliver capabilities across the AISR architecture
  • Coordinate with the DoD and National Agencies introducing new technologies and data dissemination and archival concepts relevant to the AISR mission
  • Develop future AISR DT infrastructure (See Note 1) recommendations that enables, anticipates, and modernizes the AISR Information Sharing concept for rapid, enterprise-wide ingestion and dissemination of AISR information through the introduction of new technologies, concepts (e.g., cloud, real-world data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence supporting operations (AI/ML), satellite offerings), and organizational constructs across the strategic and denied, degraded, intermittent and limited bandwidth (DDIL) environments
    • Evaluate each AISR DT required capability blocks (Data Dissemination (UVDS and DISN Connectivity); Tactical Relay (LOS to BLOS); Satellite Gateways (tactical and strategic); and AISR Platform Communications (ACN and Sensor) to enable synchronized Network Operations (tracking across all segments)
    • Evaluate operational effectiveness, resiliency, suitability, and life-cycle costs to enable the full consideration of possible trade-offs among cost, performance, and schedule for proposed prioritized recommendations for formal staffing and approval
  • Develop a joint concept of network operations for AISR to maximize AISR information availability to all DoD users and mission partners by minimizing stove pipe solutions associated with individual services, platforms, systems or functional communities
  • Candidate must be able to obtain and hold a TS/SCI clearance
  • Extensive knowledge of the systems, architectures, and CONOPS identified in Note 1 
  • Candidate must be able to develop program level briefings and executive level documentation to include CONOPS, Memorandums for Record, Budget Documents


Note 1:  AISR Data Transport (DT) Infrastructure is part of the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN) infrastructure and consists of the RPA Command and Return, Global Enterprise Sensor Distribution Systems (i.e., Unified Video Dissemination System – UVDS), MILSATCOM, Commercial Satellite (COMSAT) services, satellite gateways for unmanned AISR (i.e., SATCOM Remote Video Terminal – SRVT), satellite gateways for manned AISR (i.e., Ku-band and Ka-band Spread Spectrum – Ku/KaSS), two-way tactical backhaul hubs and suites (i.e., Digital Video Broadcast Return Channel Suite – DVB-RCS); DISN, Component, and commercial terrestrial connectivity and critical support services managed under a hybrid Network Operations framework across Components.


Listing Date 2021-03-18
Job Preview

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